International Trade, Master in Economics, 2nd year, Université Paris-Saclay, 2016-2017

Instructor: Gregory Corcos, Ecole polytechnique



2016 final exam and solution


Introduction: Globalization in the Data

Part 1: Neoclassical Trade Models

Ricardian Comparative Advantage

Factor Endowments: the 2*2*2 HOS model

Factor Endowments: More goods, More Factors

Empirical Performance of Neoclassical Trade Models
The "Modern" Neoclassical Trade Model: Eaton and Kortum (2002)

Part 2: Imperfect Competition and Trade in Differentiated Varieties

Trade in Differentiated Varieties: The Krugman Model

Heterogeneous Firms: The Melitz Model

Part 3: Topics in International Trade

The Gravity Equation

Quantifying the Gains from Trade

Fragmentation and Trade in Value Added